What is Pay Per Sale Advertising?


Unlike conventional advertising you do not pay upfront, and unlike conventional advertising you do not pay regardless of how effective the advertising is. Pay per Sale Advertising is exactly what it says… you pay us ONLY for the sales we generate for you! The alternative, keep spending money regardless of the results you get!

We have helped start-up companies go from zero sales to over $3,000,000.00 in a single month (in less than a year after starting operations). In fact, we have helped clients generate so much new business that they simply cannot even reply to all the new customers we send them, and they ask us to turn the tap off for a while.

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Prospective Client

At present, we accept new clients on a referral only basis.

However, as we expand our operation, we will open our unique services to those without a referral; you are, therefore, welcome to leave your contact details if you are seeking to sign up for our one-of-a-kind program that is UNLIKE any other marketing/advertising program that has ever existed.

If we accept you as a client, you WILL get results, serious results and you will only pay us a percentage of the revenue we generate for you, and the percentage (or other 'options') can be negotiated to suit your business.

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We Need Programmers & Network Engineers/Architects

If you are a techie with excellent credentials and/or skill sets that we need, you will be deemed to be an valuable asset to our company. As such, if you are selected to be part of our elite team, we offer a share of the revenue as well as other rewarding bonuses.

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Investors & Partners

As any company preparing for expansion, we would love to hear from prospective investors/partners who want to reach for the sky and grow with us.

Although we have not worked with any investors to date, one of our projects has already grown large enough that we may take it public in the next year or two. This is a great time for us to entertain working with a super angel or VC to bridge the gap.

We have an excellent track record and small but growing/impressive client list. It should be noted that at this stage we only accept clients that have 10-figure annual turnover potential and this allows us to use our resources most effectively. We are a unique company worth getting to know; so, if you are an investor looking for the next home run, look no further. Please feel free to contact us.

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Pay Per Sale Advertising is the advertising arm of  and will soon be breaking away as separate company.

Pay Per Sale Advertising serves clients expanding into and throughout Asia (including the Middle East) , Australia, Europe, South America and North America.